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The Pro's and Con's of being a mobile nail technician

You're a recently qualified nail technician and decide that starting your own mobile nails business is the best avenue for you to go down, but have you really put enough thought into what it all involves? read more

Regulations - Are mobile spas legal in your state?

Thinking of starting a mobile spa business? The most commonly asked question is about the legality of "off premises" cosmetology services. While many state regulations don't actually ban services outside of traditional premises, some have a way of potentially stopping your business.
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May 25 2006 - Salon Safety Rules to Prevent Infections

Regulations to make Spa Treatments Safer For Illinoisans

CHICAGO –Spa treatments are increasingly popular among both men and women in Illinois.  To ensure that a trip to a nail salon or day spa doesn’t result in an infection caused by poor hygiene, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) has new rules in place to mandate stringent cleaning and sanitation standards developed in coordination with the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH). 

“The rules taking effect this week will ensure that salon owners take their responsibilities seriously,” said Dean Martinez, Secretary of IDFPR.  “We want to make sure that people who pamper themselves at Illinois licensed salons get the safe conditions they expect and deserve.” Read more

May 5, 2006 - Dallas Salon Owner Fined $4,000 For Sanitation Violations

AUSTIN – The owner of a Dallas nail salon has agreed to pay a $4,000 fine to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) and also agreed to a probated suspension of his cosmetology license for sanitation violations at his salon that resulted in four customers contracting bacterial infections.
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The 30 Minute Pedicure

Can a pedicure be done in 30 minutes? When servicing a group of say 4-6 clients at an in-home party, it is critical to work quickly and efficiently. Carolyn McNairn of Mobile Beauty ( has been operating a one woman show for over 6 years and has perfected the 30 minute pedicure.
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Texas amends cosmetology regulations

AUSTIN - The Texas Commission of Licensing and Regulation today adopted new rules for the cosmetology and barbering professions that will better protect the health of the consumers who use their services.
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Are you charging enough? - Pricing Your Services

When you operate a mobile spa business in order to price your services you will have to do some research. First find out what other stationary spas are charging. Your services should be at least the same or higher. You shouldn't price your services lower then a stationary salon. You are providing a luxury service by coming to the client. You also have to take into consideration your gas and travel time.

The South Carolina Board of Cosmetology Issues Safety Advisory on Footbath's

The South Carolina Board of Cosmetology has learned of two cases of Mycobacterium skin infections in people who have had pedicures in salons in the state.
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Equipment Guide

Here we have listed is some of the mobile spa equipment that will be essential to your business. It is very important to find portable equipment that will be lightweight, easy to carry and functions properly.

Being able to set up quickly at the clients location is important to looking and being professional. You don't want to waste time by using equipment that does not lend itself to being portable.

We have researched and tested all of these products for use in operating a mobile beauty business.

The first and most important item will be your carrying case. You will want to use a case that is functional and portable for your in-home spa business. This unit does all that and more!

Don't forget you won't just be servicing homes but also office, apartments and hotels. You need a portable unit that has wheels as well and as a handle.

One of the items you may have to carry with you will be a paraffin unit. You need a case that will house such an item without the paraffin unit spilling . It is the little things about being mobile that entrepreneurs sometimes overlook.

This item and others like it suitable for a mobile make up are listed in the guide "How To Start A Mobile Make Up Business" Purchase here

This innovative product is for mobile hairdressers who may have a customer that cannot get out of bed and has to stay lying flat.

This unit inflates and you will be able to shampoo and rinse the clients hair while she is lying in bed. It contains a drainage tube which will let you drain the water while you are rinsing the hair.

It is very portable unit for mobile hairdressers.

This item and others like it suitable for mobile hairdressing are listed in the guide "How To Start A Mobile Hairdressing Business" Purchase here

Footbath's, with all the controversy these days over the infections that some people are getting when they received a pedicure you have to take precautions with your portable footbath.

This footbath does not have a drain or filter system like the ones do at some spas where you have to clean it out after every client but you still should be hygienic with your footbath.

We suggest to use a plastic bag as a liner inside of this footbath. Each client will receive a new liner and you will not have to clean the unit out in between clients. This is especially handy when you are serving a group of clients at a pedicure party. The cost of these liners are minimal and clients will see you are taking every precaution so they do not come in contact with any infectious diseases.

This item and others like it suitable for a mobile spa are listed in the guide "How To Start A Mobile Spa Business" Purchase here

If you want your clients to have a little extra pampering try this vibrating foot massager. You can use this during your pedicures or while your client is receiving a manicure you can have her feet sitting in these slippers and she will feel extra pampered!

It's all about the little extras you can offer clients and this will get them talking about your business.

This item and others like it suitable for mobile nails are listed in the guide "How To Start A Mobile Nails Business" Purchase here